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KVani Wig Grip

KVani Wig Grip

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About: This product was created to help customers secure their wigs and keep their edges intact. Gently on hair and scalp and easily applied. The wig grip can be worn with or without wig for style. Wig grip works with any wig type.


Material: 100% silicone. Environmental protection silica gel material, feel soft, convex anti-slip design, strong elasticity, comfortable, beautiful, no
deformation, no fading


Size: 23cm * 4cm in diameter


Color: White and Brown. Color does not matter due to wig covering or makeup can be used to blend in and wash right off after use.


Directions: Open packet. Put on stocking cap or hair covering if desired. Put on wig grip around the hair line where wig lays. Put on wig and style to desire. Make sure wig feels comfortable and fits well.


Expiration date- Can last for 2-3 years with proper care.

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