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About This Brand

  K-Vani (derived from merging her initials with her daughter’s) Collection, is a company founded by Kendra Bristol. Kendra is a licensed cosmetologist with an ever-burning love for hair and a keen sense of style. Over time, her interest and love for her craft began to diminish. In 2018, as the beauty field continued to grow, Kendra knew she wanted to be apart but not as hands-on as a stylist. She decided to venture into licensed hair extensions.

        With this newly discovered passion, Kendra's goal is to become successful in her endeavors and sell the best quality hair to beautiful people. Kendra combines her eye for beauty and diligence to proffer clients with products of outstanding quality. Through her company, she aims to make anyone anywhere feel and look their best. With highly competitive prices, K-Vani plans on providing 100% virgin hair to help anyone in need. Its motto is to desire beauty, so put K-Vani to the test today.