Hair Care Tips

1 Washing

Wash with cold or lukewarm water, (using hot water can modify or damage the hair fibers of the wig, closures, and frontals) with moisturizing shampoo followed by conditioner.

2 Brushing

Brush the hair or use a wide tooth comb at the ends and work your way to the top. Detangling is important due to hair matting. (Always remember being gentle is key)

3 Treating

Wash your hair only when necessary. Dirt and oil buildup causes tangling and shedding. (treat it like your own)

4 Drying

Air dry your hair to maintain the original texture of the hair. If a hair dryer is used, please try to use heat protectants before applying dryer. (Excessive heat causes hair to dry, brittle, and damage faster)

5 Protecting

Use a heat protectant also when heat styling the hair.

6 Sleeping

Avoid sleeping on the hair without silk bonnet (K-Vani silk bonnet), silk pillowcase, as other materials can dry out the hair and cause tangling.

Closure and Frontal Care tips

-Knowledge of applying a frontal and closure is very important.

-Over bleaching the knots of closures and frontals, excessive combing or scratching can create bald patches

-Rotating your part is important to not create thinning in one area.